Steeda Delrin Rear Swaybar Bushings for 1-1/8" Swaybars (1979-2019) 555 8169

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The team at Steeda heard your requests and has delivered another product to help your Ford Mustang perform to the best of its abilities. For a true race application, Steeda's Delrin Swaybar Bushings are hands down the BEST choice. Wider than the competitions bushings by 40% and Steeda's exclusive two piece design snaps onto your 1-1/8" swaybar to make installation a breeze. We could have cut corners to save money, increase profits and give less support to your front swaybar but that's not how the team of engineers at Steeda works. We go out of our way to provide you with the best possible parts every single time. CNC machined to fit the 1-1/8" Steeda Rear S550 Swaybars Mustangs, these bushings will flex less under hard cornering than the aftermarket standard urethane bushings. These bushings must be used with the Steeda Billet Aluminum Swaybar mounts.


Note: These will fit the 2015-2019, however, they must be used with 1-1/8" Swaybars and Steeda billet mounts.

Product Benefits

  • Less flex than urethane bushings
  • Wider and more surface area than the competitions skinny undersized bushings
  • Will not flex under hard cornering
  • Steeda designed the bushing halves to snap onto the bar to make the installation much easier than the under engineered competitions bushing
  • Priced 35% less than other competitors
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty