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It's about time you have an option to stainless steel braided hoses or just those plain old ugly hoses. Hose Candy's Hose Skins look great in any application and are featured on many Ringbrothers builds including the award winning Producer Mustang. You can take any stock or custom hose, and install Hose Skins over it, hide the cut ends with Boa clamps and install colored boa sleeves for the ultimate custom look at a fraction of the cost of stainless steel over braided.

This kit fits Mustang GT's from 2011-2013 and includes everything you need to give that aggressive look to your Mustang. You can bullet-proof all of your hoses with this one kit!

The 2011-2014 Mustang GT/Boss Kit includes the following components:

  • Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Skin 2" Diameter 2.5' (2) (fits 1.5 to 2.25 O.D. hose)
  • Carbon Fiber'Kev;ar Skin 1.5" Diameter 4' (fits 1.25 to 1.75 O.D. hoses)
  • Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Skin 1" Diameter 4' (fits .5 to 1.2 O.D. hose)
  • Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Skin 3/4" Diameter 10.5' (fits .25 to .6 O.D. hose)
  • Boa Clamps for Upper/Lower Radiator Hose (4)
  • Boa Clamps for Radiaor Reservoir Hoses (6)
  • Boa Clamps for Brake Booster Hose (2)
  • Super Shrink 1" (8)
  • Super Shrink 1.5" (6)
  • Super Shrink 2' (2)
  • Super Shrink 3" (4)

Product Benefits

  • Adds style to your engine bay
  • Custom underhood styling for your hoses
  • Complete and easy to install
  • Provides heat and abrasion protection