Steeda Mustang Drag Pack Stage 1 (11-14) 555 2411

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In Steeda's Stage 1 Drag Pack for S197's we wanted to start with a good foundation and control of the rear axle assembly. So we added our industry first Billet Lower Control arms made right here in house. These are not your typical control arms with urethane bushings, these bad boys were designed with the 1320 in mind. Solid Delrin bushings at the chassis end provides a solid mount with virtually no deflection under acceleration. At the Axle end you will find a high quality stainless steel custom spec’d Teflon line bearing with lightweight aluminum 6061 sleeves.We then wanted to address the upper control arm and mount. We provide HD multi hole upper control arm mount and adjustable upper. This combination allows you to dial in your pinion angle while allowing you to also adjust your instant center for consistent launches and reduced 60ft times. The HD mount is made of much thicker gauge material than the factory mount. The double adjustable upper features a large Teflon lined rod end for the ultimate in strength and reduced deflection under hard launches. The double adjustable design allows for easy and quick on car adjustments.

MPN: 555-2411