Steeda Mustang Drag Pack Stage 2 (11-14) 555 2412

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Steeda's Stage 2 Drag Pack for Ford S197 Mustang puts even more control into the rear axle assembly with some added durability and tuning capabilities. Spherical upper axle control arm bearing will add the final piece to the puzzle for the ultimate in axle control. Stainless Steel, custom spec'd, Teflon lined bearing is what you will find in this billet steel bearing housing machined right here in house. Include is our weld in lower control relocation brackets that allow you to adjust how hard you hit the back tires. Unlike the competitors' brackets which have failed countless times, ours are weld in only to provide the most strength possible. In combination with stage 1 you now have the ability to adjust mounting locations for the upper and lower control arm adding tune-ability to your rear suspension. Most drag races know that the best way to get your rear tires to grip is running a 15" wheel. The added sidewall allows the tire to absorb the shock of the launch must better resulting in quicker 60fts and ET's. Steeda's sway bar relocation bracket allows you to run 15"? wheels and tires on the back of your S197. Lastly with all the added traction and compliance in the rear suspension you want to limit chassis deflection. This is where Steeda's exclusive chrome moly 3 point lower torque box and frame rail brace comes into play. It ties together your inner and outer frame rails and your lower torque boxes. Designed to bolt it in but it can also be welded in for even more strength and durability.

MPN: 555-2412