Steeda Mustang Drag Pack Stage 3 (11-14) 555 2413

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The Steeda S197 Mustang Stage 3 Drag Pack puts the finishing touches on your drag race suspension. With Stage 1 and 2 you take complete control over the rear end. Now it's time address front end weight transfer and chassis roll for straight launches every time. Stage 3 comes with our adjustable front coilovers. This allows you to adjust the front suspension height and strut valving for optimum weight transfer to the rear tires. High quality adjustable struts and 162lb coilover over springs are included. With rear traction and front end weight transfer you need to control body roll to make sure the weight on the back tires is as even as possible for the most traction. That's where the Steeda anti-roll bar shines. Unlike competitors that feature urethane bushings that deflect and clamped on ends with heavy steel brackets that weight a lot and can move, Steeda's doesn't. Our S197 Anti Roll bar features industry exclusive billet ends, full roller bearings, chrome moly support brace and super strong tig welded ends with adjustable endlinks. This kit will make sure launches are perfectly flat every single time equaling to lower 60ft, quicker ET's and a lasting smile from ear to ear.