Steeda S550 Mustang GT Performance Pack Slotted Front & Rear Brake Kit (15-18 GT) 555-6029

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Product Benefits

  • 15" front & 13" rear rotors
  • Overall increased braking performance
  • Increased brake cooling under extreme driving conditions
  • Reduced rotor fatigue during prolonged heavy braking
  • Improved fatigue resistance to minimize surface cracking
  • StopTech brake pads give you friction performance across wide temperature range
  • Rotor-friendly brake pads and feature low-dust formulation for maintaining cleaner wheels
  • OE-quality fitment and ride quality

Let Steeda add even more performance to your 2015-2017 S550 Mustang GT Performance Package. Braking performance is just as important as power adding or handling performance modifications. If you are continually pushing your S550 GT to its limits you may be noticing your braking can continually get worse the harder you push it. Being able to cool down you brakes quicker is just as important as cooling your GT's 5.0L engine. This Steeda S550 Mustang GT Performance Pack Slotted Front & Rear Brake Kit aims to maximize the braking power of your Brembo calipers by providing them with a OE quality slotted rotor and upgraded ceramic brake pads.

Our Mustang GT Performance Pack Slotted Front & Rear Brake Kit come complete with Steeda slotted front and rear rotors and StopTech Posi-Quiet front semi-metallic and rear ceramic street performance brake pads. Our Steeda S550 front 15" and rear 13" slotted rotors improve on the Performance Pack Brembo non-slotted rotors. The slots on our OE-quality rotors provide your Mustang GT with better cooling under extreme conditions. The increase in cooling of our Steeda rotors will reduce rotor fatigue resulting in better braking power under extreme conditions. The improved fatigue resistance will also minimize the risk of surface cracking.

StopTech has been engineering brake pads to dramatically improve overall braking performance wile remaining compatible with the stock OE calipers. StopTech brake pads are engineered with the same positive molding process used by OE suppliers, providing brake pads with consistent friction material density throughout the brake pad life. These front and rear brake pads from StopTech will provide your 2015-2017 Mustang GT with better braking performance, you will notice more stable friction performance across a wider temperature range. Even though these StopTech brake pads are engineered to increase your braking performance, they still provide your Mustang with the refinement and comfort expected in everyday driving conditions. These brake pads also have the added benefit of decreasing brake dust forming on your S550's wheels