Steeda S550 Mustang Splitter for Q-Series Front Fascia (2015-2017) 028 UFO22A03

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The Steeda Q-Series Front Splitter is specially crafted and engineered to improve styling and performance of your Steeda Q-Series Front Fascia equipped 2015-2017 Mustang.

By creating a high-pressure area on top of the wind splitter, high-pressure air flow is restricted from flowing underneath the car. You can gain substantial amounts of control and traction when there's low pressure below the car reducing lift. That makes this front wind splitter a must for Mustang enthusiasts that really want to grip the streets when going fast!

Product Benefits:

  • Amplify's the aggressive styling of the Steeda Q-Series Front Fascia
  • Decreases high-pressure lift under the car
  • Improved performance on street and track