Steeda S550 Mustang Tension Links w/ Bearings (2015-2019) 555 4908

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You love your S550 Mustang, but there's always room for improvement: increased steering response, decreased body roll, and increased cornering grip - all are a must for the true performance handling enthusiast.

Steeda’s industry-first S550 Mustang Tension Links, are a must for all lowered 2015-2019+ Mustangs. These pieces are manufactured to exceed OE Performance Pack specifications, with one major benefit: increased steering response. Built-in air scoops help to increase brake cooling, and our Front Control Arm Bearings in this kit help to eliminate bushing deflection and reduce alignment and camber changes in high-performance driving.

These are a must for any S550 Mustang owner looking for a bolt-on suspension upgrade to increase handling performance!

Use in conjunction with our 555-8133 - Steeda S550 Mustang Bumpsteer Kit for ultimate performance.

Product Benefits:

  • Increases steering wheel responsiveness
  • Eliminates bushing deflection
  • Decreases body roll
  • Improves tire contact patch with the road
  • Increased cornering grip
  • Keeps alignment in check during high-performance driving
  • Sold as pair