Steeda Tremec TKO 500/600 Stop Bolt Kit (79-04) 555 7071

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The Tremec TKO 500 and TKO 600 transmissions are the hot ticket for high horsepower applications, but they lack a stop bolt in the shifter to prevent over-stressing the linkage during hard shifts. While the TKO gears have a built in stop to prevent over engagement, all of the linkage between the gear and the shifter is still subject to severe shock loading.

The shift forks, roll pins, and rails have been known to bend or break from hard shifts. Steeda's Stop Bolt Kit absorbs the shock load and protects the shift linkage from damage. The kit includes a new shifter top with built in adjustable stops and complete instructions for installation and adjustment.

Note: This part only works on the old Tremec Shifter design. In late spring/early summer 2009, Tremec began shipping TKO transmissions with a different shifter than earlier designs. The old shifter had a 2-piece base that was red anodized. The new shifter has a 1- piece base that is powder coated wrinkle red.

Product Benefits

  • Provides stops to prevent over extension and bending of shift forks during hard shifts
  • Easy adjustment
  • Easy install
  • Made in the United States from high strength billet aluminum