Torsen T-2 torque-bias differential, Ford 8.8” differential TOR-88T2

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Torsen T-2 torque-biasing differential is a full-time torque-biasing system, not just a limited slip differential. The Torsen differential has a unique helical-gear design with no clutch plates or preload springs. It provides continuous, uninterrupted torque output, torque biasing, and differentiation in one integral unit. The Torsen greatly improves traction because it is continuously and instantly responding to torque feedback from the tires, sending more torque to the tire with the most traction.

Torsen differentials have NO clutches or preload springs.

Excellent for street-driven Mustangs as well as road-raced Mustangs.

Ford equipped several Mustangs with a Torsen differential as original equipment:

  • FR500S, Boss 302R, Boss 302S
  • Boss 302 (optional)
  • Boss 302 Laguna Seca
  • 2013-14 Mustang with the OEM Track Pack option


  • Standard 2.5:1 bias ratio.
  • Helical-gear torque-sensing design
  • No clutches or preload springs.
  • No unusual gear oil requirements
  • Friction modifier is NOT required.
  • Available in either 28-spline or 31-spline
  • NOT included: Ring gear, bearings, seals, oil, etc.