Maximum Motorsports MM-Tilton Mustang Clutch Kit, 1979-2004 with pushrod 5.0L TIL-P(Pushrod 5.0), 1979-1995, 26-spline TIL-P(Pushrod 5.0)

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Complete MM-Tilton Clutch kit for 5.0L based pushrod engines in 1979-2004 Mustang chassis. Designed for use with the standard Mustang cable-actuated release bearing system. This clutch kit is intended for off-highway road course use; inappropriate use (street driving or drag racing) will greatly shorten clutch life. This 7.25" clutch is lighter weight than a standard clutch, with a much lower moment of inertia (MOI).
See our Tech Page to learn more about multiple-disc clutches.

Read all tabs for important information.

To order:
The steps listed below will guide you in selecting the correct clutch options (listed above) for your application.

Step 1
Choose either "2-disc" or "3-disc" clutch.

  • 2-disc clutch: Rated at 570 lb-ft of engine torque. Includes 2 cerametallic discs.
  • 3-disc clutch: Rated at 855 lb-ft of engine torque. Includes 3 metallic discs.
  • Disc packs with higher torque ratings are available by special order; contact us for a quote.

Step 2
Select either "10-spline" or "26-spline" discs to match your Mustang's transmission input shaft.

All original OEM transmissions fitted to 1979-2010 Mustangs have a 10-spline input shaft.

Most aftermarket performance transmissions have a 26-spline input shaft.

Step 3
Select the crankshaft balance of your Mustang's 5.0L-based engine.

  • 50-oz imbalance is standard on 1979-1995 Mustang 5.0L engines.
  • 28-oz imbalance is sometimes used on performance engine builds to reduce the balance weight on the flywheel.
  • 0-balance: Internally-balanced, with no added flywheel weight. Used on high performance engine builds to eliminate the flywheel balance weight and reduce crankshaft flexing.

Step 4
Select the adjustable pedal stop to fit the model year of your Mustang chassis.

  • 1979-1995
  • 1996-2004

Step 5
Click the "Add To Cart" button.

Maximum Motorsports-Tilton clutch package for 1979-2004 Mustangs with pushrod 5.0L-based engine


  • Aluminum clutch cover
  • Lightweight button-style steel flywheel
  • Disc pack with solid hub discs and steel floaters
  • MM adjustable-height clutch pedal stop
  • Adjustable-height clutch fork pivot stud
  • Clutch cover hardware kit
  • ARP flywheel bolts
  • Ring gear plate
  • Tilton release bearing
  • Disc alignment tool